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    Batswoman of the year 2019

    This award belongs to your favorite cricketer of the past year (female) who added most value to her team with the bat. This is the kind of player who when performing, you cannot take your eye away from the game.

    Batsman of the year 2019

    Mr. Reliable with the willow in his hands. That one batsman who no matter the conditions and match situation, you have full faith in him to perform.

    Bowler of the year 2019 (Female)

    This award belongs to the bowler who you would be confident getting 4 solid overs out of consistently. The bowler who no matter the scenario, is a reliable option with ball in hand.

    Bowler of the year 2019 (Male)

    With the advent of the T20 format, the general notion was that bowlers would struggle, however this award belongs to the bowler who defied such opinions with his skill and ability.

    All-rounder of the year 2019

    A cricketer with more than one string to his/her bow, who almost always seems ‘in the game’, adding balance to their respective team.

    Icon of the year

    This award belongs to a cricketer who has been a consistent performer throughout his career, who continues to stand out as a world class operator.

    Would you like to know more about our criteria?

    Our Criteria

    Cricketer of the year 2019

    This award belongs to the cricketer who has performed the most in pressure situations. His/her value is not determined by statistics, but rather their ability to perform when it counts. He/she is the most valuable T20 cricketer on the planet.

    T20 Lifetime Achievement Award

    T20 cricket has been in operation for over a decade, where we’ve been lucky to witness some fantastic cricketers. This award is for the T20 cricketer of all time. The kind of cricketer whose name is synonymous with the T20 format.

    Fielder of the year 2019

    Catches win matches as they say. In the T20 format, bowlers need as much support as they can get in the field. This award is not only for the fielder who has the safest hands, but also a rocket arm in the field.

    Rookie of the year 2019

    When you see this player perform, it seems as if he’s played numerous years at the top level, such is the level of skill he/she possesses, despite having limited experience.

    Coach of the year 2019

    T20 cricket is probably the most tactical format in cricket. You need a strong leader at the top who is strategically sound, and ready to adapt to the fast nature of the format.

    Agent of the year 2019

    Appreciating the individuals behind the scenes, ensuring players lives are easier, through managing flight schedules/hotel bookings and most importantly, negotiating and signing contracts for T20 leagues.

    Commentator of the year 2019

    The foundation of a great broadcast. The one commentator you feel makes the game a spectacle, providing viewers with top class analysis, as well as a voice to suit the occasion.

    Team of the year 2019

    Team-work makes the dream work. The most impressive, dominant and consistent team of the year, not only in its respective league, but the kind of team that would win a T20 champions league.

    Whilst we have carefully selected 14 awards for this years event, we feel many other categories deserve recognition, which we will add next year.

    These include:

    Umpire of the year

    Executive of the year

    T20 moment of the year

    Captain of the year(male)

    Captain of the year(female)

    All-rounder of the year(per gender)

    Wicket keeper of the year(male)

    Wicket keeper of the year(female)

    Fielder of the year(per gender)

    Rookie of the year(per gender)

    Team of the year(per gender)

    Team analyst of the year

    Please suggest any other categories you feel we should include